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CAD Modeling & Design Services in Sandy, Utah

We use SolidWorks for our CAD modeling software. From this we can create to scale models of a final assembly to ensure proper fit of all components. Utilizing the sheet metal bending function allows for accurate flat patterns, from which parts can be laser or waterjet cut into blanks before being bent into final products.

We can take anything from napkin drawings to fully realized products and create current models so future changes are only a few clicks away.

See below for a few examples of our projects which started with models and finished beautiful.

CAD Modeled Desk

This desk was designed to maximize the usage of a small office. With its Lincoln log truss inspired design structure for the framework, this desk is built to have two U shaped desks built into a single work area. The entire concept was modeled into SolidWorks to ensure proper walkway clearance and maneuverability. The truss legs were laser cut. The solid stainless steel top was laser cut into four pieces which were then bent then seamlessly flat welded and worked into a single solid surface.

cad modeling
cad design
modeling software
drawing software

CAD Modeled Electrical Cabinets

These electrical cabinets were first 3D modeled from existing drawings. Minor changes had to be made to ensure 3D fitment from the 2D design, just another way we aim to help our customers. These cabinets all have various differences from material to size. Some are aluminum, others steel, while still some are stainless steel. From these models, drawings are created for build and assembly.

Aluminum Cabinet Assembly
SS Cabinet
316 cabinet assembly
316 SS Cabinet
SS Island Worktop

CAD Designed Spiral Staircase

This spiral staircase was first modeled in detail to determine exact stair tread size, overall width, height and head clearance. The end result was a perfect fit.

spiral staircase
spiral staircase
spiral staircase
spiral staircase

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